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Boost Circulation, Reduce Stress: Try Guasha Today!

Revive Your Energy Flow with Hua Jian TCM's Guasha Treatment

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Introduction of Guasha

Guasha 刮痧

Imagine yourself in a serene environment where an expert is gently guiding a flat tool across your skin to encourage the flow of energy throughout your body. This is Guasha, a traditional Chinese medicine technique that has been practiced for centuries to maintain optimal health and wellness.


Guasha, pronounced “gwa sha”, involves using a smooth-edged instrument known as a Guasha tool – often made from jade or rose quartz – to apply pressure and scrape the skin in long strokes. You might think of it as a deep tissue massage taken to the next level. 

Discover the Benefits of Guasha

Why You Need Guasha

Enhances Your Body Detoxification

By stimulating lymphatic drainage, Guasha helps rid your body of wastes and toxins more effectively. The scraping motion encourages better circulation, which in turn accelerates the rate at which your body eliminates harmful substances. This means you’ll feel refreshed and recharged after every session.

Boosts Your Immune

Practicing Guasha promotes an increased production of white blood cells, responsible for protecting your body against diseases. In effect, regular sessions can make you less susceptible to common illnesses like colds or flu by strengthening your overall immune system.

Relieves Your Stress and Tension

The gentle scraping action used in Guasha therapy not only works on your physical form but has incredible effects on emotional wellbeing too. It eases muscle tension, reduces stress, and promotes relaxation - leaving you feeling calm and balanced after every session.

How Does Guasha Work

How We Harmonize Your Energy Flow with Guasha

We will start by applying oil to clean skin - this allows the Guasha tool to glide smoothly.

Using gentle pressure, we’ll move the tool across different areas of your body in sweeping motions. These movements are typically directed towards the heart which aligns with paths known as meridians.

Each stroke may feel intense but rest assured it’s helping release tension from muscles while also encouraging energy flow (termed ‘qi’) within your body.

Although slight redness (termed ‘sha’ meaning sand) may appear after treatment indicating that blood circulation has increased under the surface of your skin, it usually disappears after a few days leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

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Meet a Better You: Experience Guasha at Hua Jian TCM

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